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Welcome to the Summer issue!

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Russell Aitken – You may recognise the name ‘Russell Aitken’ as the first recipient of the Helinews memorial ‘Rusty Award’ that was created in his honour. In this issue, we feature a retrospective interview with Rusty that captures the spirit of this passionate aviator and mentor.

The Bell 407GX – Every now and then we have the chance to get our hands on a new machine. When the Bell 407GX graced Australia with its presence, Helinews was fortunate enough to test out how this machine handles and discover a bunch of new features.

EMS – The Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter, based out of Canberra on the Monaro Highway, has conducted over 5300 missions and counting. Helinews features a profile of this rescue service, which is dedicated to serving the community.

Tough Mothers – The Cherish Foundation is a cause close to the heart of the Becker family, so when the Tough Mudder event featured on the Sunshine Coast, Mike Becker and his team participated in some fundraising and hair-raising challenges for charity.

IFR – Curious about what goes on during IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) training? Martin Bass ventured into the rigorous world of IFR when he visited Rotor Lift’s Advanced Flying Academy and discovered what it’s like to ‘fly blind’.

Hypoxia – It’s a word familiar to all pilots, but few have experienced hypoxia in a controlled environment. Enter Go2Altitude, a revolutionary training centre that has made hypoxia awareness training more affordable and available to the civilian world.

Multi-licence pilots Part III – Rob Vigors pilots aeroplanes, gliders and helicopters and has spent a lifetime around aircraft. He treats us to a glider pilot’s perspective on the weather and how he has applied this to powered flying.

Advanced flying – Flying over jungle is a daily occurrence for pilots in PNG. Columbia Helicopters’ chief pilot, Ross Robertson, answers some questions about preparing for emergencies while working in this environment.

Instructing corner – Veteran instructor Ron Newman talks us through the ins and outs of forced landing procedures.

Newly licensed pilots – Peter Perry completed his private helicopter licence at the age of 75 and since then has piloted a helicopter to PNG. Peter discusses his love of recreational flying and travelling across this great country by air.

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Welcome to Winter 2013

The cold weather is upon us already, and so is the Winter 2013 edition of Helinews!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: We begin this issue with the hot topic of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and their place within the aerial filming and photography industry. Hai Tran from CopterCam in Perth explains their use and limitations, and how he came to work in the industry that combines all his interests and talents.

Focus on McDonnell Douglas: In this MD Helicopters special edition, we feature a cross-country flight in the MD Explorer 902 and interview chief executive officer Lynn Tilton, an entrepreneur with no aviation background who took on the company when it was headed for broke and brought it back to health. Tilton discusses her passion for flight, her inspirations for success and her dedication to restoring iconic American brands.

Search and rescue in Italy: Dino Marcellino is back by popular demand with another search and rescue story from Italy, this time in the Dolomites region. Marcellino’s interestin EMS (emergency medical services) has led him to complete a book specialising in this topic entitled SOS Italian Helicopter Rescue Operations: From the Mediterranean Sea to Mont Blanc. We’ve included a review of this book.

Taking on Tropical Cyclone Oswald: Also in this Winter edition,we recall the horrific Queensland/New South Wales floods following tropical cyclone Oswald and hear stories from the pilots and crew at the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter, who were first to assist and last to leave the Bundaberg disaster area.

And there’s more! A few small changes to the magazine include the revival of our ‘Flight Path’ segment and a ‘Professional Development’ section that will review flight and theory courses.

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How to fine-tune your flying…

The New Year has flown by with the Australian International Airshow at Avalon and Heli Expo in Las Vegas one after the other, this year has started with a bang.  The new Autumn issue of Helinews is out now and packed full of industry news and special features including the winners of the Helinews Summer Photo Competition. The Autumn issue includes:

People Profile – A flair for flying: Helinews shares the cockpit with Brett Newman, CEO and chief flying instructor at Professional Helicopter Services, to learn some secrets about teaching old pilots new tricks.

Special: See the shots and meet the winners of the Helinews Summer Photo Competition judged by Olivia Page, photographer and author of Helicopter Hunting in Fiordland.

Mobel prize winners: Australian Helicopters has been participating in the Movember challenge for years to raise money and awareness of issues surrounding men’s health. Christina Hogarth catches up with the team that upped the ante by adding moustaches to their helicopter fleet.

History – the art of vertical reference flying: Trevor Stanley traces the origins of Direct Vertical Operational Control back to Wes Lemattta, founder of Columbia Helicopters, and discusses how this training that was once only available to a select few can now be learned through a long-line course.

A day in the life of a Pilbara pilot: Mike Reid takes us to the outback to witness the beauty, isolation and trials associated with flying in one of Australia’s most remote areas.

NH-90 enters Dutch service: The NHI NH-90NFH NATO frigate helicopter has taken over from its predecessor to enter No. 860 Squadron in the Dutch Air Force. René L. Uijthoven reports from The Netherlands.

Special Ops – South African fire-fighting: Fires have caused a huge dent in the South African economy, prompting the government to invest in fire training, prevention, and management services. Detlef Arlt reports on the program that has created thousands of jobs and helps keeps the fires at bay.

All this and more with industry news and our regular features, Rookie Corner with Helen Krasner, Instructing with Ron Newman, the Ask CASA column focusing on the new CASR parts and an update from Rob Rich on the happenings at the AHIA.

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Air Medical & Rescue Congress China 2013

Helnews Asia Pacific is proud to partner with the second annual Air Medical and Rescue Congress China in 2013.

It is reported China needs to spend at least 30 billion yuan within the next 15 years to establish the world’s largest helicopter rescue system. This will be designed to serve China’s 1.3 billion people and will aim to set up at least 850 helicopter rescue bases with more than 2000 helicopters to cover its 9.6 million square kilometres.  In this area, the general aviation emergency rescue system will create new opportunities and discover the potential of the general aviation market.

China is launching the new helicopter emergency services industry from a very small fleet of around 1000 civilian general aviation aircraft of which only 130 are helicopters. This has seriously affected China’s general aviation industry and the development of the emergency air rescue system.

The second Air Medical and Rescue Congress will be held in Shanghai, China on 16 and 17 May 2013. The 2013 event will be dedicated to further discussions of the ongoing challenges and opportunities in the China air medical and rescue market. With the strong support of the Chinese government, this year’s Air Medical and Rescue Congress will be an opportunity to explore your business and strategies, while building strong networks in an international arena and in a developing market.

For more event details visit:

For participation and sponsorship please contact:

Air Medical and Rescue Congress China 2013

Mr Richard Ding

+86 21 6031 9408

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Shooting to Save

Summer has arrived and so has the new issue of Helinews Asia-Pacific.  The Summer edition of Helinews has all the regular features and more with special features including:
People Profile – Shooting to save: A one-on-one with Olivia Page, photographer and author of Helicopter Hunting in Fiordland, a book that captures the sights, sounds, and sensations of venison recovery in New Zealand.
NVG – Seeing the light: Hobart-based Rotor Lift has been a pioneer in the use of night vision goggles and in training pilots and aircrew in how to use them.  Martin Bass tries their state-of-the-art equipment and gets a new perspective.
Real Stories – Just kiddin’: Part of being a scenic pilot is getting asked the same old questions. In this story, Mike Reid turns the table on his passengers with a little in-flight entertainment.
Special interest – The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum: A tourist attraction with spaceships, helicopters, aeroplanes and waterslides and not just for the kids! Christina Hogarth takes a stopover to Portland, Oregon to visit this must-see museum.
Special Ops – Free from the ground: Atlas, the working group of the police special units of Europe, performs slick operations in dangerous situations. Detlef Arlt reports on the techniques and tactics of this highly-skilled collaboration.
Company profile – Coming on with a Composite Part II: The kit-built KC 518 Adventurer recently had its maiden flight. So what’s next for NZ Composite Helicopters? Jeffrey Decker revisits the team to check out what’s on the horizon.
In a new Helinews regular feature, CASA Section – Ask CASA, we catch up with the team at CASA as they answer some common questions on the auditing process.
And there are all the regulars including Rookie Corner with Helen Krasner, Instructing with Ron Newman, updates on the AHIA from Rob Rich and all the industry news and events with Rotorbeat.
Also, don’t miss out on your chance to win one of nine copies of The Last Great Southern Adventure: Helicopter Hunting in Fiordland by Olivia Page.  ‘People & Helicopters: Work or Pleasure’ – upload your best photo to the official Helinews Asia-Pacific Facebook page.  The best images are as judged by the author herself, you will win a copy of the book and be published in the Autumn 2013 issue of Helinews Asia-Pacific.
For more details and competition guidelines please see editorial on page 6 of the Summer issue or the Helinews Asia-Pacific Facebook page.  Competition closes 31 December 2012.

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Spring is here…

The Spring issue of Helinews Asia Pacific is out now and packed full of industry news and special features including:

50th Anniversary of the Crane – Developed by Sikorsky in the early 60s and purchased by Erickson in the 90s, the Aircrane is a household name in Australia due to its involvement in fighting bushfires but, as Christina Hogarth discovers, there is so much more to be learnt about this highly capable, multipurpose workhorse.

On the High Note – Flying and music may seem on opposite sides of the spectrum but the Flying Musicians Association proves that these two fields have more in common than you think. Helinews catches up with the founders of this fast growing community of pilot-musicians.

From Shed to Sky – How often does someone look up into the wild blue yonder while milking cows and see his future? Hard to say, but that’s what a young John Bitcon did back in 1967. Tim Knight follows Bitcon’s career from Geelong to Ulaanbaatar.

A Great Helicopter for a Bright Star – Dino Marcellino jumps aboard a Chinook and finds himself deep in the action of the Italian Army’s Afghanistan operation. He provides us with a rare view inside the workings of Task Force Fenice.

The Pal-V One – it’s a real life Transformer. It flies, it drives and it could be the future of everyday travel. René L Uijthoven reports on The Netherlands’ hybrid wonder that really is ‘more than meets the eye.’

Keeping the Streets Safer – the police helicopter, or ‘ghetto bird’ as it is affectionately known, is a powerful presence in crime reduction. Helinews catch up with Andre Hutchings, Bob Muse and Jose J Barajas, whose combined experience in law enforcement and training make it possible to have more watchful eyes from above.

AHIA – The Australian Helicopter Industry Association’s new quarterly column written by Rob Rich.

As well as all the regular features including Rotorbeat with industry news and events, instruction with Ron Newman and rookie corner with Helen Krasner.

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Winter has arrived….

The Helinews Winter issue is now out and as usual full of industry news and expert opinion including Rookie Corner with Helen Krasner, Instructing with Ron Newman and Flight Science with Nick Lappos.

Special features this Winter:

Review: Black Gold Rising – Oil and gas were the targeted industries at this year’s Heli-Expo, held deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas, the USA’s capital of black gold.

Flight Training and the FAA Licence – Obtaining or converting to a US licence can be a minefield of paperwork and confusion. Trevor Stanley demystifies the process and explains the pros and cons of training in the big country.

Flying with Maverick: Chrissy Hogarth discovers that Las Vegas has more aces up its sleeve than the glitz, glamour and gambling with which it is synonymous. The Grand Canyon is just a few hours drive, but why ride in a limousine when you can fly?

ABC TV Helicopter: It’s raining, it’s pouring, but the news crew need stories.  Mike Reid shares a day in the life of a news chopper pilot covering the Victorian floods.

Graer – PolÍcia Militar Brasil – The establishment of airborne police services are helping to restore law and order in crime-stricken Brazil in preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Detlef Arlt reports.

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Autumn is well and truly here….

Here at Helinews we have a new chief pilot in charge: introducing Chrissy Hogarth our new editor. It is great to have Chrissy on board and the new quarterly schedule underway.

In the Autumn issue you will find:

X Marks the Spot: Dick Smith’s latest project – a real life treasure hunt bringing Lasseter’s lost reef to the world. Using a map he bought on eBay for $1500, Dick Smith is on a mission to bring some Australian folklore to life.

A Background of Principles: in which Chrissy Hogarth discovers the story behind Walter Wagtendonk. From author and Royal New Zealand Air Force pilot to owner and operator of Nelson Aviation College in New Zealand. Wagtendonk is a pioneer in Helicopter training theory with experience in all aspects of the aviation industry.

Aero Refuellers: while the Elvis’ of the world receive all the glory, there’s a quiet achiever that fuels their rise. Offering specialist services dedicated to general aviation in Australia Brendan Klein Boonschate describes the challenges in such a dynamic fuelling industry.

Syndicated Ownership: Ian McKeown describes the benefits in learning to share, where purchasing a helicopter might be a more realistic option than you think.

Like a Swiss Watch: Dino Marcellino spends an unforgettable 24 hours with one of the world’s leading EMS operations – Rega an air rescue service that is efficient, precise and reliable, 24/7..

Test your knowledge on all things aviation with our quarterly quiz and catch up on the latest with Nick Lappos, Ron Newman and Helen Krasner.

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September Helinews out now

In the September issue you’ll find:

A hands-free, feet-free flying experience in the AW 109 GrandNew.  This aircraft review by Ian McKeown looks at the amazing avionics in this US$6.6 million aircraft.

A company profile on Commercial Helicopters in country New South Wales.  See the benefits of operating an all Bell Helicopter fleet including JetRangers, Long Rangers, Bell 212s and a Huey.

A safety discussion on dynamic rollover by Mark Ogden.

A low-level contour flying special on the aerial baiting project carried out in the sub-Antarctic on Macquarie island.

Jeffrey Decker looks at the safety initiatives offshore workers are carrying out and finds out which global region best prepares for training.

Mike Reid passes on helpful hints for those searching for their first jobs and also describes his first job which wasn’t your average scenic flights role.


As usual we have columns from the industry leaders Nick Lappos, Ron Newman and Helen Krasner

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August Helinews out now

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In this August issue you’ll find:

V2 Helicopters – a company profile on this new training school in Archerfield Airport, Brisbane that is using technology in innovative new ways both in their school and as part of their film work.

Finally!  The Guimbal Cabri G2 test flight.  See what Martin Bass has to say about this incredible new two seater after he took it for a spin at Bankstown Airport, Sydney.

A pilot profile on Dick Smith concentrating on his flying stories

Mike Reid recalls an hour-building flight early in his career to a special island off the coast of Africa, famous for it’s haunted past and current bird life

We look at an incredible Australian invention: Chris Ryan’s modular and affordable helicopter simulator.  What does it do and how useful is it for training?

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