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Helinews July issue

Guimbal Cabri G2: Martin Bass discusses the development of this exciting looking helicopter.

CRM: Richard de Crespigny: Saskia Pickles interviews hero Qantas A380 Captain Richard de Crespigny and we find out how his previous career as an accomplished Australian Navy helicopter pilot provided him with the CRM experience to deal with major muliti system failures.

EMS in Tasmania: Martin Bass reports on helicopter Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Tasmania.

R44 Raven 1 or Raven 2? We analyse the difference between the Raven 1 and Raven 2 models, to make your purchasing decision easier.

Rescue dogs:  See the incredible dogs in Italy who are trained to jump out of helicopters and drag troubled and drowning swimmers to shore

Safety: Mark Ogden discusses the extra risks involved in flights over water.

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Helinews June Issue

In this Issue:

Mark Ogden test flies the Bell 429 in New Zealand.  It’s one of only two in the Asia-Pacific region so how does it rate to other single pilot IFR machines on the market

Safety campaign: What can be done about wire strikes.  Mark Ogden discusses the hazard in detail including tips for operators, pilots and landowners.

Company profile: CHC Helicopter. Jeffrey Decker finds out about their new $500 million contract with Woodside Energy which is substantially increasing CHC’s share in the offshore market and will lead to new jobs.

Interview: Martin Bass talks to the creator of the Guimbal Cabri G2.  Bruno Guimbal used to work for Eurocopter and helped develop the fenestron for the AS350 series helicopters.  Find out what Eurocopter think of his new endeavour.

Flying Wild: Meet a tuna fishing pilot, crocodile egg collector and a venison recovery pilot.  A look at three unique and dangerous jobs and some of the best “scariest moments” confessions we’ve ever heard.

Pilot Profile: New Zealander Tanjie Cowan is one of the world’s most accomplished long line pilots.  Read about her career progression and why she has no problem being a woman in a male dominated profession.

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Helinews May Issue

In this issue:

An informative and light-hearted look at the many different types of Squirrel AS350 helicopters.

Sikorsky S-61 Photo essay: We look at the Australian operations of Canada’s Coulson Helicopters used in flood and bush fire relief

Crocodile egg collecting: Meet Australia’s next Steve Irwin, a 10,000 hour helicopter pilot who long-lines into crocodile nests

Book Review: A compendium of female firsts in Australia’s aviation history.  First Females above Australia is written by Australia’s first helicopter pilot Rosemary Arnold.

We feature piston engines including the mechanics, techniques and limitations of flying piston powered helicopters versus turbines.

Pilot Profile: Meg Wade was a professional athlete and a private Robbie pilot before a horse accident left her with a brain injury.  Read about her road to rehabilitation and one day flying again.

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Helinews April Issue

In this issue:

  • Coverage of Heli-Expo and the Australian International Airshow.
  • The new Bell 407GX Helicopter, with the Garmin G1000H Glass cockpit.
  • We report on the exciting new Marenco Swiss Helicopter unveiled at Heli-Expo.
  • Pilot Profile of Mr Terry Summers’s amazing career in aviation.
  • Rhino Rescue. A story from South Africa on darting and relocating the endangered Rhinoceros’s from wilderness areas by way of helicopter.
  • Dave Dixon. From Pop Star to Chief Pilot of EMS at Orange on the NSW central highlands.
  • JET A1 Fuels ain’t Fuels. Mr Mark Ogden discusses the properties of Jet A1 including its dangers, and the recommended handing procedures for this fuel type.
  • Ron Newmans column this issue is on Dynamic Rollover.
  • Mr Nick Lappos our resident test pilot discusses the operation of helicopters at low speeds and the aerodynamic forces exerted during this type of flying.

April marks our relaunched magazine with a new masthead and layout style

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