Autumn is well and truly here….

Here at Helinews we have a new chief pilot in charge: introducing Chrissy Hogarth our new editor. It is great to have Chrissy on board and the new quarterly schedule underway.

In the Autumn issue you will find:

X Marks the Spot: Dick Smith’s latest project – a real life treasure hunt bringing Lasseter’s lost reef to the world. Using a map he bought on eBay for $1500, Dick Smith is on a mission to bring some Australian folklore to life.

A Background of Principles: in which Chrissy Hogarth discovers the story behind Walter Wagtendonk. From author and Royal New Zealand Air Force pilot to owner and operator of Nelson Aviation College in New Zealand. Wagtendonk is a pioneer in Helicopter training theory with experience in all aspects of the aviation industry.

Aero Refuellers: while the Elvis’ of the world receive all the glory, there’s a quiet achiever that fuels their rise. Offering specialist services dedicated to general aviation in Australia Brendan Klein Boonschate describes the challenges in such a dynamic fuelling industry.

Syndicated Ownership: Ian McKeown describes the benefits in learning to share, where purchasing a helicopter might be a more realistic option than you think.

Like a Swiss Watch: Dino Marcellino spends an unforgettable 24 hours with one of the world’s leading EMS operations – Rega an air rescue service that is efficient, precise and reliable, 24/7..

Test your knowledge on all things aviation with our quarterly quiz and catch up on the latest with Nick Lappos, Ron Newman and Helen Krasner.

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