Spring is here…

The Spring issue of Helinews Asia Pacific is out now and packed full of industry news and special features including:

50th Anniversary of the Crane – Developed by Sikorsky in the early 60s and purchased by Erickson in the 90s, the Aircrane is a household name in Australia due to its involvement in fighting bushfires but, as Christina Hogarth discovers, there is so much more to be learnt about this highly capable, multipurpose workhorse.

On the High Note – Flying and music may seem on opposite sides of the spectrum but the Flying Musicians Association proves that these two fields have more in common than you think. Helinews catches up with the founders of this fast growing community of pilot-musicians.

From Shed to Sky – How often does someone look up into the wild blue yonder while milking cows and see his future? Hard to say, but that’s what a young John Bitcon did back in 1967. Tim Knight follows Bitcon’s career from Geelong to Ulaanbaatar.

A Great Helicopter for a Bright Star – Dino Marcellino jumps aboard a Chinook and finds himself deep in the action of the Italian Army’s Afghanistan operation. He provides us with a rare view inside the workings of Task Force Fenice.

The Pal-V One – it’s a real life Transformer. It flies, it drives and it could be the future of everyday travel. René L Uijthoven reports on The Netherlands’ hybrid wonder that really is ‘more than meets the eye.’

Keeping the Streets Safer – the police helicopter, or ‘ghetto bird’ as it is affectionately known, is a powerful presence in crime reduction. Helinews catch up with Andre Hutchings, Bob Muse and Jose J Barajas, whose combined experience in law enforcement and training make it possible to have more watchful eyes from above.

AHIA – The Australian Helicopter Industry Association’s new quarterly column written by Rob Rich.

As well as all the regular features including Rotorbeat with industry news and events, instruction with Ron Newman and rookie corner with Helen Krasner.

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