Welcome to Winter 2013

The cold weather is upon us already, and so is the Winter 2013 edition of Helinews!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: We begin this issue with the hot topic of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and their place within the aerial filming and photography industry. Hai Tran from CopterCam in Perth explains their use and limitations, and how he came to work in the industry that combines all his interests and talents.

Focus on McDonnell Douglas: In this MD Helicopters special edition, we feature a cross-country flight in the MD Explorer 902 and interview chief executive officer Lynn Tilton, an entrepreneur with no aviation background who took on the company when it was headed for broke and brought it back to health. Tilton discusses her passion for flight, her inspirations for success and her dedication to restoring iconic American brands.

Search and rescue in Italy: Dino Marcellino is back by popular demand with another search and rescue story from Italy, this time in the Dolomites region. Marcellino’s interestin EMS (emergency medical services) has led him to complete a book specialising in this topic entitled SOS Italian Helicopter Rescue Operations: From the Mediterranean Sea to Mont Blanc. We’ve included a review of this book.

Taking on Tropical Cyclone Oswald: Also in this Winter edition,we recall the horrific Queensland/New South Wales floods following tropical cyclone Oswald and hear stories from the pilots and crew at the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter, who were first to assist and last to leave the Bundaberg disaster area.

And there’s more! A few small changes to the magazine include the revival of our ‘Flight Path’ segment and a ‘Professional Development’ section that will review flight and theory courses.

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