Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct released

The Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct (HMCC), a set of safety guidelines that provides helicopter pilots with a framework for how to think and act in situations that may not be covered by procedures, checklists or operating manuals, has been released.

Developed in the US but applicable around the world, the guidelines, which were developed by a team of helicopter experts, offer recommendations to “advance helicopter flight safety, airmanship and professionalism”, according to the HMCC’s Permanent Editorial Board.

The board is made up of experts from a variety of aviation disciplines, such as United States Air force Academy professor Deonna Neal, Aircraft Electronics Association vice-president Ric Peri and retired US Air Force officer and professor Bill Rhodes.

It says the HMCC “articulates broad guidance – a set of values – to help a pilot interpret and apply standards and regulations, and to confront the real world challenges that could lead to a mishap”.

The code has seven sections: General Responsibilities of Helicopter Pilots; Passengers and People on the Surface; Training and Proficiency; Security; Environmental Issues; Use of Technology; and Advancement and Promotion of Aviation.

“The HMCC embodies the standards to which all helicopter pilots need to adhere,” said Fred Brisbois, the co-chair of the International Helicopter Safety Implementation Team. “It should serve as the basis for private and professional pilots to take personal responsibility for how they conduct themselves as pilots and promote the growth of the helicopter industry.

“But most importantly, flying in accordance with this code will save lives!”

Download the HMCC in Word, PDF or HTML format here.

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