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Bell SLS attracting strong interest in Aus/NZ

Bell Helicopter’s new Short Light Single (SLS) helicopter product – which we announced back in June – is attracting a lot of interest in Australia and New Zealand, according to local distributor Hawker Pacific.

The five-seat entry-level helicopter is expected to complete its first flight in 2014 with certification to follow shortly after.

Hawker Pacific says Bell’s advisory-council-led design focuses on costs and useful load, which has contributed to its overwhelming reception.

“There just isn’t another aircraft in the world that is so well-suited to our requirements here, which is why we are extremely excited about its arrival, and so are our customers,” says Tony Jones, Hawker Pacific’s Senior Vice President, Aircraft Sales Group. “While the customer base for light single helicopters is spread right across the globe, there is a healthy appetite in Australia/New Zealand, and with the price point just right, the market is understandably excited.”

The SLS features a high-visibility, fully flat cabin floor with five forward-facing seats. Additional safety enhancing design features will reduce pilot workload, improve situational awareness and deliver superior auto rotation capabilities.

For more information or to place an Expression of Interest (EOI), please contact Hawker Pacific’s Mathew Hardy on +61 (0) 404 886 810 or email

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